Asian Telco
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The Project
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Asian Telco is the leading Southeast Asia Telecom serving over 90M customers. This Telco has been ambitiously upgrading its entire digital ecosystem and we are proud to have helped them launch their new Enterprise portal, CRM and commerce tool. From there, Sutrix Group also took part in the modernization of internal tools and infrastructure allowing this telco company to have today, a best of breed technology business.

The results of our collaboration

  •  New online digital experience, online shopping experience
  • New revenue flow generated through digital channels
  • Shift from only 10% of business done online to over 80% as of today.
  • From 57M in 2015 to over 90M subscribers in 2020


Having the challenge of implementing an important number of service plans and options to allow their customers to select, customize and purchase the service, our best-of-breed e-commerce platform was the way to go. Moving forward, accelerating their time to market while adapting to a legacy system is where Sutrix Group demonstrated its expertise and adaptability to changes and needs.

What We

With the company’s goal to digitally transform the user experience, the Telco chose Sutrix Group to quickly implement digital solutions and provide ongoing support.

Implement the
E-Commerce Platform
Implement CRM
& Enterprise CMS
Build Mobile Apps
& B2B Sales Toolkit
A scalable e-commerce platform welcoming
over 11 millions monthly visits.