Agility to drive
Digital Business
We exist at the intersection of creative, business & technology; and approach everything we do from our client's point of view. That means understanding you, your customers in order to implement a compelling online user experience.
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A Flexible
Agile Process
We’ve developed a time-tested Agile process over the years that’s able to merge innovative user experience within the Agile development methodology.
Our Process
Why Agile?
An Agile based approach incrementally delivers solutions in short iterations and frequent releases to accelerate ROI.
What does it mean?
Our respectives teams will have daily standup meetings in order to align requirements and solutionings. At end of each iteration sprint, we demo the applications, get feedback and adjust application accordingly.
These methodological approaches are carried out in collaboration with a client or partner in an iterative process
1.Discovery Phase
A Discovery Phase in order to analyze and cover all project dimensions:
  • Stakeholder Interview
  • User Requirements
  • Challenges & Objectives
2.Design Phase
Conception of Functional, Technical and UX/UI Designs:
  • Creative definition and key screens mock ups
  • Functional & Technical Specifications
  • Sitemap, wireframe, main navigation principles
  • User stories
3.Build Phase
Building and Integrating the system
  • Sprint refinement
  • Iterative development & delivery
  • Customer feedback
  • Retrospective
4.Delivery Phase
Quality control and validation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Automation Testing
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Content Integration
  • Validation & Deployment
It provides clients with a methodology to quickly launch applications with the flexibility necessary to respond to their changing business needs by updating their applications more periodically in 2 week sprints iterations.
  1. Validate sprint backlog scope
  2. Refine requirements
  3. Daily team standup meeting
  4. Develop and test functionalities
  5. User Test and deploy new functionality